Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day

Carter's best friend James tackles Carter with in seconds of us getting outside.
 Though our grass wasn't even covered in certain areas (it all depended on the snow drift) we still had a snow day here.  Snow days are pretty weak sauce here in this part of the mid west, but none the less we try to make the most of it and fill them with fun.

And with in seconds Carter is in tears and running back inside.

 Poor Hayden had a cold back while we were out. But she impressed me, she was pretty tough despite the cold temps.

 All the kids - young and old - had a great snow ball fight going on.

 Her face says it all about the freezing temps and cutting wind.

 Then we went across the street and hit up a medium sized hill to get some sledding done.

 Great idea to go down no being able to see anything,

What a cutie!!

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Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

Gotta love it! I remember in Kentucky the whole city would shut down when it "snowed". Love the birthday questions!