Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hayden and Carter's Birthday Party and Hayden's Day

Dec 22, 2012

 Yesterday was Hayden's Birthday and Carter and Hayden's combined Birthday Party.  Once the pictures downloaded they appeared in random order and it will take a long time to get them all sorted to where they should all be, so I will just stick with the random theme and talk about the day in a mumble jumble manner. Above is our Elf Belle. Since Hayden's Birthday was a Princess theme, Belle thought she would have a rendezvous with some of Hayden's Princesses to discuss the day.

 The Birthday Party was at Fun Run. Hayden really enjoyed the huge slide that she is climbing up to in the picture above.

 This is a Batman obstacle course that Carter really enjoys.

 The big slide.
 Carter and one of his good school friends Jonathon.

 The cupcakes: the pink ones have princess crowns on them and the blue ones have Pokemon cards.

 Our good neighbor buddy Milana.

 Boys will be boys - always!!

 They have a small arcade section at this place.  At first we were really fighting Carter to have it at Fun Run (smaller and less crazy) rather than at Chucky Cheese's - last year it was tooooo crazy!! Come to find out Carter was set on Chucky Cheeses cause Uncle Ryan won him a TON of tickets last year and he was set on that happening again.  Well, Uncle Ryan pulled through for us again this year - in this mini arcade he managed to win the jack pot and won 650 tickets!!!!  It took the machine 5 minutes just to print out all the tickets.  Ryan solidified the BEST UNCLE EVER award!!!! Not to mention he totally cleaned up and vacuumed the party room when we were finished.

 Beautiful Hayden.

 Carter while he was being sang to. I of course forgot the candles!!  I had a nightmare I was going to do that and true to form I did!!

 Presents!!  Everyone was so thoughtful and generous.

 Carter hit the Pokemon jack pot!!  I love his buddies face Diego - he is the sweetest boy!!

 Hayden got barbies and a Brave doll and a Lala Loopsy doll.

 Emma won some sweet spy glasses while playing at the arcade.

 Carter got a sweet stache from Ryan's winnings.

 This is a Birthday gift from Mom and Dad that Hayden was intensely playing with after the party. They are just a bunch of mini Princess figurines.

 My little, spunky Abbie - she just CRACKS me up!!!!

 Grandma and Grandpa came to give Hayden her Birthday gifts.
 She got an outfit, a Ken Doll and a little girl Barbie doll and ...

 Grandma won the prize for the coolest preset with the modern day "paper doll". I love how much Grandma enjoyed playing paper doll with Hayden. 

 Isn't that thing awesome!?! It is thick wood that is magnetic and all the outfit accessories are all magnetic. It's sahweet!!
 The Brave Doll Dade and Elway gave Hayden.

 Some of Hayden's Princess Decorations.

 Hayden's Birthday morning - about to open Mom and Dad's presents.

 She got a Princess book with the Princess figurines, the Swan Princess movie, and a Cinderella Barbie. My parents got her a Going on a Bear Hunt book with a check in it.

 Here are our little partiers: Emma, Milana, Dade and Rocco. With Uncle Ryan in the back ground.

 Here's Blaize, Carter and Diego.

 Next to Diego is James (Carter's BFF), Jonathon and Aiden.

 Carter's Pokemon jackpot!!  Seriously!!

 Emma and Hayden. Emma is such a sweetie pants who lives a few houses down from us. She is a couple years older than Hayden but so sweet to her and Abbie.

My big 3 year old just relaxin away!! I am LOVING my "new to me" camera - can you tell?!? It's my early Christmas present! Love you Hayden girl!!

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