Monday, January 7, 2013

Baking Day

 Last year Bonnie came up with a BRILLIANT idea - a Nielsen Lady Baking Day!!  We get together and are each responsible for making a few different yummy things then we combine and have a great, yummy and beautiful variety treat plate for friends and neighbors.  One BIG day of baking and cleaning gets the job done. Plus, we have fun along the way. Meagan's youngest Elway was sick so she didn't participate this year but they stopped by for a bit. Dade loves his little cousin Abbie and is so cute when he plays with her.  He also loves to be the beloved Cousin.

 Isn't he so cute!?!

 My Hayden Baby.

 This is my favorite Abster face.  This is when she is so full of her spunk. Man, she is cute!!

 Look at that Grandma that hardly looks like a Grandma!!  She is so very loved by her grandkids!!

 Here's some parts of our spread. I did my Grandma Yvonne's famous Gingersnap Cookies.  I have memories of helping her make these from the time I was very little.

 I also made these peppermint kiss pretzel treats.  Yum - I am a sucker for peppermint, chocolate and a dash of salty.

 Whitney made popcorn covered in white chocolate with sprinkles.

 Bonnie made a few different items including the divine smores treat that I love!!!

And here is what our finished product looked like.  It was good stuff!!!

Plus, you can see I am trying to get some practice with my "new" camera that I got for an early Christmas present. 

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