Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Holiday Express

One of our Christmas traditions we have been doing is going to our local Union Station and a shopping center nearby where they have all sorts of fun Christmas displays and activities.

 Union Station is always beautifully decorated!!

 Uncle Ryan is a rock star Uncle.  All the kids are obsessed with him and think he is the next best thing to a super hero - heck they may even think he is a super hero.

 Abbie was a little unnerved being this close to a Santa, even if he was a fake, plastic thing.

 Hayden making us proud by stuffing a pretzel up her nose. Thatta girl!!

 We love the train displays they have and Abbie got a kick out of looking through the glass as well.

 This year we tried a new thing - The Holiday Express. They had an adorable Santa there.We had a picture with all of us - but it was totally blurry. But we will never do it again unless I get reserved tickets. It took forever to get through the line and though cute - not worth it!!!

 So first you see Santa and then you go through the train car by car where they have all sorts of sparkly displays...
 and trains...

 and all sorts of other amazing, mind blowing attractions (not really).

 Grandma, Grandpa, Ryan and Whitney all tagged along.

 We NEED this sign at my house!! Our kids like to walk the fine line.

 So many things to look at and discover.

 The outside of the train.

 Inside the shopping area next door they had these cool lego figurines and we are HUGE lego fans at our house.

 Then outside they have all sorts of wooden cars, trucks, trains, etc to climb and play on.

 I love that little bum!!

 Look at that face!!

 And here is that lovely blurry picture - oh well!!

Carter doing the robot with a robot. (He had pictures for his Basketball team earlier and thought he looked pretty awesome in his Jersey and did not want to take it off).  More Christmas Traditions to come...

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