Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gingerbread Houses

 Time to get this blog back to Christmas and our fun activities in attempts to build our family unity and family traditions. Thanks to a tip from a friend of mine - I bought a few of the Halloween House decorating kits that were on sale post Halloween for like $2.  She told me that is what she buys and uses to decorate for their Christmas houses - BRILLIANT!! We thought it would be fun to have Grandma and Grandpa to join in our fun and it was!! It is fun to see everyone's personalities come out in their houses. 
 Abbie's favorite part was eating all the candy we were throwing at her to keep her content while we made our "masterpieces."

 Grandma and Hayden partnered up and Grandma was so sweet to let her help with construction and decorating. And no Bonnie had not just climbed out of bed nor was she trying to make a fashion statement - she was actually very smart and wore her rob as a protection for her clothes.

 Hayden's and Grandma's houses.

 My houses with Santa on his sled and a neighborhood pond.

 Hayden's and Bonnie's from above.

 Carter's house that he did 100% on his own. I am sad I didn't take another picture because he kept working on his long after we were done. He LOVED this project!!

Grandpa seemed to really get into it as well.  I love to see his own unique and fun way that he does things and interacts with the grandkids.

And here are Matt's houses.

This was a very fun project to do with the family and I definitely learned a few things that will help in the future. The #1 thing being: no one wants to eat the actual house so to save time and stress hot glue the houses together the night before to be right ready to decorate on the actual day with out having just gone through all the frustration of getting them put together with the frosting.  So yes, one more thing to add to the Family Tradition Holiday list: Gingerbread Houses!!


Anna-Lisa said...

Thanks for the tip on hot glue - that's a way good idea!

Anna-Lisa said...

Thanks for the tip on hot glue - that's a way good idea!