Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fun in UT Sun and Snow (part 1)

Lexi and Lilly
 The kids and I left the day after Christmas to go out to Utah with some driving help from my in-laws. The rest of my siblings still leave out there and for a few years now my Mom has been asking for us to get back there for a winter trip up to the cabin to play in the snow, sled and snowmobile.

 My brother Chris has one of the coolest dogs I know. He is a Labradoodle and his name is Scout/ Scouty.  He is such a tough and fun-loving dog.  He is extremely loyal and always up for some fun whether it's sledding, running by you as you sled, or riding on the snowmobile.  He could be shaking his tail end off, but if people are still out playing that is the only place he wants to be.  My brother brought him up some warm weather clothing, but he didn't want it.

 Carter LOVED sledding with his cousins on a hill right in front of the cabin. The cabin got some great snow right before we arrived and it made it a winter wonderland.  It was beautiful!!

 The cousins left to right: Lexi, Emi, Kaylee, and Aubrey.

 Big Timmay fresh home from the mission - North Atlanta, GA.

 Hayden climbing around on the snow fort made on the back deck.

 Carter looked right at home out there playing in the snow.  I loved seeing how big he has gotten.  Without complaint he would hike his sled right up and zoom down.  He loved it. Even when he smacked into a tree or the cabin he would just hop right back up and hike back to the top of the hill.

 The view off of the lower deck in the back of the cabin. This little town that we look down on will always be a magical place for me.  It holds many special memories for me!!

Lex and Carter hiking back up.

 Another great thing about my parents' cabin is you can jump on the snowmobiles and ride up to the top of our mountain and be up at the top in about 15-20 minutes and have remarkable views.  It takes you right up to the Unitah's in the middle of a winter playground.

 This site is very common when snowmobiling with my family.  My brothers are a bunch of fun, hot heads that have to ride hard and get stuck even harder. This one was very minimal compared to most.  Just sunk into too much powder.  One's back always kills after snowmobiling with my family from pulling out so many snowmobiles. 

 Another example of my hot head brother Timmy.  This was a VERY steep mountain.  The top of the mountain has about a 15 foot straight up crest.  Tim zoomed right up it.

 After cresting it once he decided to have fun on the slope and laid down some new tracks.

 I had my helmet on while I was trying to take pictures so it was hard to snap great pictures but here is Tim getting some air.

 Tim cresting it a second time. The cool thing about this picture - though I wish I could zoom in more - you can see Tim flying up over the top.

 These next few pics are of Tim messing around in the Powder and he wanted me to snap a few shots.

My oldest brother Chris giving Carter a hand to the top of the hill.  Family is the best!!

I will have another UT post with the pictures from my camera once I get those pictures on my computer.

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