Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Carter's 3rd Birthday Party!

For months whenever I or someone else would ask Carter what he wanted on his Birthday Cake it was always, Trucks!! It was so fun to plan Carter's birthday party this year because Carter was very specific about what was important to him and what he wanted. He wanted a truck on his birthday cake, candles, balloons, and birthday hats. That isn't very hard to do. I couldn't decide where to do it at, but then Matt and I thought with it being the Holidays people would probably rather just take it easy than drive across town to Chuck E Cheese's or something of the like. And I am so glad that we did. It was a very simple party, but the adults seemed to have a good time with lots of laughs and the kids played great together just playing with Carter's toys.

The Table

Carter loved having Happy Birthday banners around the house. It made him feel so special. We had another banner with balloons in the family room.

A birthday hat and cheese pizza, what more could a kid ask for?!?

I was SOOO pleased with the way this cake turned out! With giving birth right around the corner I didn't want to put a lot of work on me so I decided to order a cake from Costco. When we went to Costco they didn't have the option of putting a truck on the cake so I asked the decorating lady what we could do and she said she would put a construction site on the top and then I sprinkled some crunched up graham crackers and put matchbox Tonka trucks on. It looked awesome! Also, when we were picking out the cake Carter made all the decisions. He wanted white cake, chocolate pudding filling, and white frosting. There was no thinking about it, that was exactly what he wanted (after I gave him the different choices that Costco offered). It turned out Super YUMMY!!

My FAVORITE picture of the whole night!!! Carter's face CRACKS ME UP!!!

Carter's buddies: (L) Linus, Oliver, Carter, Claire, and Issac. Thanks for coming guys! And what a good sport Claire was being the only girl at a truck birthday party.


You can't tell so much in this picture, but Matt was dishing out these Humongous pieces of cake. It was a little ridiculous. The sad thing is, I ate my whole piece, but I am eating for two, right?

Yum, Yum. I'm full! As you can see, Carter isn't a huge cake fan. He ate his ice cream (Neapolitan, his favorite) and the icing off the top of the cake.

Present time! He got Moon Sand from Oliver that comes with a cement truck that you can make bricks from.

A cool flashing star ball from Claire. Issac thinks that looks pretty sweet.

Color Wonder finger paints from Issac. Gotta love Color Wonder!!

Linus gave Carter two Mighty Machines DVDs (which he has already watched and loved), a "Once Upon a Potty" book (also a gift to Mom and Dad), and a monster truck.

And Dad was pretty set on getting him yet another Geo Trax train set, the Timbertown Railway set. It was pretty cute and Carter had a good time playing with it. Plus, you can't beat the quality of Geo Trax.

Dad likes playing with it, too!

Grandma Karen and Grandpa Craig gave him two story books and a check for his savings account.
Grandma Bon and Grandpa Jay gave him race tracks for matchbox cars and he has loved them. The two videos below are us playing with them.
Also, Granparent's if you are wanting to see your "bribed" conversations with Carter go to our youtube page and you can see them there. They are kind of long and would be most enjoyed by you. http://www.youtube.com/user/aynielsen


Jon and Becky said...

That Carter is adorable! And I can't believe you're about to give birth! Why isn't your face all swollen and puffy like mine got? Not fair :)
By the way, I just read the quote you put in the previous quote and got all choked up. I really love that.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

Happy Birthday Carter ... it really is hard to believe that he is 3!!! Let's go to Tennessee again :-)

Becky T said...

Looks like a perfect celebration! I am all for doing something low key at home. It's so much more fun and easy! And a big CONGRATS on another December birthday to celebrate. I can't wait to hear all about it and see some pictures...we love you all so much and wish we were there! Lots of love to you all!

mm said...

Fine party, indeed. Yaay for a 3 year old Carter!

PS I love how Linus looks like we told him zombies were coming to eat his brains out.