Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh What Fun!!

Last week was a CRAZY work week for Foot and Ankle Residents here in town so Thursday night we had our good friends Heather and Oliver over for a bowl of potato soup and to play. After we had dinner, the boys ran off to the other room and Heather and I cleaned up dinner and chatted in the kitchen for a while. The boys were playing awesome and didn't even disturb us once for around 40 minutes or so. Finally, we decided that we better go see what was up because that wasn't like my child to play so "nicely" for so long with another child. And lo and behold this is what we found:

We couldn't help but break down laughing! Of course they had been so quiet, duh!! They had pulled out EVERY toy that Carter has on that level of our house and dumped it into this huge pile. They had quite the system going. Oliver was in Carter's room getting the toy and putting it in the doorway. Then Carter would take the toy run it down along the TV table and off the edge into this big pile. But the even more amazing thing to me was how fast we were able to get it cleaned up. Carter took some coaxing, but the two boys seemed to enjoy the clean up part pretty well, too. So even though you think after such a mess Carter might be on the naughty list, it ended up being pretty funny and positive in the long run so he stayed off the list after this event. Notice I said, he is off for this one, but I think he still might be on the list for other stunts that he has tried to pull. :) We'll have to see how much of a softy Santa is come Christmas morning.


Kellie said...

I wish that wasn't what my house looked like every day but it does, only my kids aren't so happy about cleaning it up

mm said...

Well now that IS impressive. I'm so proud of Carter - that took some serious team work and cooperation.