Saturday, December 26, 2009


Since I have so many pictures and videos of Christmas morning, but I really want to get these last few days blogged especially to show pictures of Hayden I am going to just give a quick overview of Christmas and come back later and go into more detail.

The Nielsen family tradition like so many other families is to get pajamas on Christmas Eve. So here are the boys in their Christmas pajamas. I got Capri black "yoga" ones that I am excited about!
Our Christmas Tree after Santa and Mom and Dad left their presents.
Carter after his haul of gifts. He had a great time opening them all up. Thanks everyone for your sweet gifts.

Our "family" picture minus one. We were doing really well Christmas morning until this moment. Matt said, "Okay, time for a family picture." And then we paused and said except for Hayden. That was kind of a sad moment, but we were still glad to have the three of us here.

Then we got the greatest Christmas present of all. When we got to the hospital in the morning, Hayden was so awake and alert. Far more than she had been yet. She looked so beautiful in this knit hat that someone had made her. The NICU babies get presents from people all the time. It is so sweet!!

Our first family picture of four.
Since Carter refused to wash his hands or wear a mask (he had and has a cold) he wasn't able to enter the room where the babies are incubated. But there is a window there that Carter could look through to see Baby Hayden. We wanted to include Hayden on Christmas so we wrapped the blanket Bonnie and I made her and let Carter open it up for her.


Whit said...

Those videos of Carter get me every time! Hayden is PERFECT. I wish I could meet her sooner. Love all 4 of you!!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

oh the picture of you four is so sweet. Even through the window ... it made me cry. COngrats!!!!

Becky T said...

What a special Christmas for you all! I'm so glad you got such a beautiful gift, even if she had to be in the hospital an extra day or two. I love, love, love that first picture of her at the hospital with her eyes wide open. It's precious! What a beautiful family of 4 you are!