Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snow Day

December 19, 2009

The day after Carter's Birthday Mother Nature thought she would give Carter another Birthday present, a ton of snow! We played outside for a good chunk of the day and had a blast!

Carter couldn't let Dad have all the fun of shoveling the snow so he had to get his shovel out and help Dad with the work.

Then off to our neighborhood park that is just up the street from us to go sledding with our friends.

That was on snowy ride down the slide.

The big boys decided it was time to go over to the big sledding hill. On Matt and Carter's first run it was faster than they expected and ended up in these trees. When they crashed all the snow above came falling down on them. It was pretty fun to see.

On the second try, they decided to bail instead of having a snow blizzard down their coats. But to be honest I don't know if the bailing was much better:

This was at the very end and if you can't tell by Carter's cheeks, he was BRRR cold!

Richy was very impressive with his mad "snowboarding" skills. At one point he rode a sled all the way down through the trees and off a jump.

Once we finished with our snow play, we figured we ought to get a tour of the hospital in so I would know where to go once I went into labor. Gook thing we did since our Hayden decided to make her grand entrance 3 days later.


Becky T said...

Oh, what I'd give for a snow day! I love it. And once the snow sticks and is there for months, I know it's a pain and all, but I sure do miss it. I would love to take the boys sledding! And I'm impressed that you were out there in your prego state. You must be iron woman or something! :)

Alison said...

Aaahh! How did I miss all of the excitement of Hayden!!! I just got on to check your blog (thinking, you must be due soon) and she is already HERE!!! Congratulations!!!! She is darling!! I'm so happy for you guys! Good luck with the two kids transition!!

Stefanie said...

Looks like a great day. Congrats on baby girl. We are so happy for you guys. Carter seems like a great brother. It is so great when you can watch your kids fall in love with the babies.

Stacey said...

We just love looking at your blog!!! I finally had a second to show Kaylee all the videos which she LOVED and felt special when I told her you put all the videos on for her. She said "I love videos!" I also loved watching the twins. I am always amazed at how well they remember you guys. They know everyone's name I don't even have to remind them. Ash saw Carter and first thing said "Carter's birthday" (because we called him on his birthday) Kyle saw Carter and said "his sister baby Hayden". But I have to say my favorite is every time Ash sees Matt she calls him Map. I want to laugh every time. Thank you so much for keeping us posted on your life!!! Love you so much!