Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finishing up October

When Carter was born our really great friends from Iowa the Nelsons gave Carter this super soft, plump, bath towel. But that is not what makes this towel so great. It is what is shown below that make it so awesome:
It is the BYU patch that Kim put on there! The Nelsons are big Iowa State Fans and so they understand Matt's passion for BYU football as well. Tom is great to call Matt and talk football with him. So in October, we packed away some of the smaller bath towels we had for Carter and was finally able to pull out the beloved BYU towel. It is perfect for him!! Just a little on the big side where I can wrap him up in it and have him completely snuggled.

Story Time at the Library

Story time is one of Carter's favorite things to do. This was the week of Halloween so each of the kids could wear their costumes. Also, each week we talk about a letter and this week was the letter "G" so Carter brought his Giraffe. Williamson's do you recognize that stuffed animal? That is what you gave us before we parted ways and I was just barely pregnant.

The kids got to go trick or treating at the library. Carter is on his way to get a treat.

Lunch Time

I don't know about you, but doesn't strawberry milk and apple juice just sound terrific together?!? It is a favorite thing to do at our house. And each item has to be in it's specific sippy.

For some reason I really love lunch time. It is one part of our day where it is just Carter and I sitting together. Neither one of us is distracted by anything else and we can just talk. I am always amazed at what goes through this kid's head. I think often I need to record more of these conversations.

DC Temple Trip

We caravaned to DC with the McAffees for a stake temple trip so that we could trade kids off while we attended the temple. While Matt and I were in the temple the McAffees took the boys for a joy ride. These two boys love trains and anything that is BIG and MOVES. So they were like two kids in a candy shop riding the metro. Thanks to the McAffees for supplying the pics.

Isn't it amazing as a parent when you see other people love your kid, too!?!

What brave, tough boys!!

This was our lovely view on our way home from DC.

The Simple Things in Life

Sometimes I get so focused on the big things in life that I forget about how happy the little things can make me. Carter loves this certain mall park and I get a kick out of watching all the different ways he chooses to go down this slide.

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Becky T said...

I think I want one of those BYU towels for ME! :) I love that, it looks awesome! And I do think apple juice and strawberry milk are the perfect combo. Mmmm, yum. Or not! ha ha Love the pictures of C in his costume, so cute!