Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Carter!!

Thanks Carter for coming to our family 3 years ago and bringing us JOY that we never knew existed! A quote I read recently sums it up for Matt and I, "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

I know I use this picture every year, but Matt's face says it all!!!

At Three Carter:
1. Loves trains, cars, trucks, balls, and friends. He loves to ride his cars along the edge of the table and have them crash off the side into a big pile of toys that have already crashed.
2. Has had a semester of pre-school and is thriving in his class.
3. He still has one of the most determined little personalities I have ever known. But I knew he was going to be that way even when he was in the womb.
4. He is mellowing out some, at least when it comes to playing with buddies. He isn't as aggressive and is working on using words when it comes to sharing toys instead of his "brute strength."
5. He is extremely verbal and a great talker. I love to have conversations with him.
6. He is now saying things all the time that CRACK Matt and I up.
7. He loves nursery at church and gets VERY upset if he can't go. I am interested in seeing how sunbeams goes in a couple weeks.
8. He is really into his 3 blankies and we are often toting them with us everywhere we go. (But the rule is they have to stay in the car.)
9. He has a very strong personality and Matt and I just hope to help guide him to make that a strong asset in his life. We both feel that he has such potential to go far and are excited to see what the future holds for him. (Not too excited that we want it to come too soon.)
10. Is very excited to become a big brother in the near future. He is already very concerned about baby sister. He always makes sure he doesn't smoosh her when he sits on my lap. He was concerned about her sleeping arrangements and decided on his own that he better get a big boy bed so that she could sleep in his crib. He says when she cries that he is going to get in her bed and help her. We advised him that he should only do this if Mom or Dad is in the room and we say it is okay.
We love you so much little guy and are SOOOO grateful to have you!!!!


Mark, Holly and Boys said...

I saw the photo before the title of the post and got all freaked out/excited :) STILL THOUGH...happy birthday, Carter!

Becky T said...

I love seeing these pictures every year and I'm not kidding when I say they make me cry EVERY time I see them. To see the pure joy on your faces is beautiful because we knew HOW BADLY you wanted a little baby in your family! And we were SO happy for you to have one. I still remember getting the call and finding out the news, I was elated. We were and still are so happy for you and your family. And we are so excited to relive it again when baby sister is born soon! We miss you guys more than you'll ever know. Happy Birthday, Carter Man!!