Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 2010 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Last night Matt and I hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in Matt's parent's basement. We had a great turn out of 30 people (and their basement could have easily held more, it's crazy). We had lots of food, white elephants (which I can't believe I didn't take pictures of) and most importantly some majorly UGLY sweaters!! Way to step up to the plate everyone!

The female winner of the night is the lady on the right. She bought her Christmas tree sweater on Ebay. It was just a plain sweater with a Christmas tree on it and then Jen went to work. She added all the tinsel, presents, holly and berries all with a hot glue gun. It was a 3D masterpiece! For her job well done on her Cheesy sweater she received a cheesy romance novel.

The male winner is the guy on the left. He decked the halls from head to toe. He had a festive hat and scarf on along with some cozy green sweat pants. But what really took the cake was his Grandma Sweater and his amazing Grandma Blouse. Even the buttons were bright in their festive colors. To add to his Christmas wardrobe, he recieved a Santa tie as his prize.

Matt wore a sweatshirt with a bedazzled teddy bear. It really brought out the blush in his cheeks.

Andy here draped himself in lights and poked them through his sweater. He walked around hooked into an outlet. He did complain of feeling a little toasty through the night though.

Sadly, several of the pictures through out the night are blurred for some strange reason, perhaps it was the sugar shakes we were all receiving from the amounts of junk food we consumed. I completed my outfit with a big red bow in my hair.

And Matt's lovely parents showing off their stuff.
Since I didn't take pictures I thought I would just mention a few of my favorite white elephant gifts of the evening:
1. Matt and I found a 2 1/2 ft tall plastic reindeer from around the 70s that glows when you plug it in. (For my siblings, think Grandma Ione's plastic Santa.)
2. An evil looking Clown baby monitor called "The Little Listener."
3. Matt got a box of chocolates where each candy had a bite taken out of it. The sick thing is by the end of the night those chocolates were pretty much finished off by our party guests.
4. I received a North Beach Diet book that taught you how to go from ripped to adding hip and belly fat instantly with tips such as "how to lower your metabolism."
5. Someone made a bag from tidy widys.
6. Canned meats made from animal intestines.
7. Sardines


Whit said...

HAHA! Amber that looks like it was a blast! What a funny idea. You should totally make this an annual tradition. Thanks for posting pictures-I was hoping you would. So funny!

Lowdogg said...

Some of those sweaters are d---alicious.

Dan and Jen said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Awesome sweaters, awesome white elephant gifts... and Matt's parent's basement looks enormous! I'm glad that you had such a great turnout.

McAffee said...

What, no footie jams for Matt?