Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy First Birthday Hayden!

Our Baby Girl Hayden turned one and it was so nice to have a fun, calm, Hayden-centered celebration with Matt's folks and sister. They came over in the evening and we had my Mom's clam chowder and then after presents and playing we had cupcakes for dessert.

Hayden listening in to Grandma Karen singing her Happy Birthday. We miss the family that is not around on days like this, but how blessed that we can still communicate through phone and email and blogs.

Right before we started the Birthday festivities Hayden had a huge blowout so we decided to start the rest of the evening in the Birthday suit since she was going to end up that way for her cupcake anyways. It's kind of fun to document how big she truly is at her big age of One! In this picture she is saying, "who me?"

The video below is of her "opening" her presents and checking things out:

The video below is us singing Happy Birthday to Hayden:

At first Hayden just wanted to lick the frosting.

Then she started to get more daring.

Then she started ripping it apart and throwing pieces on the ground. She was so fun to watch we just kept laughing and laughing.

Then at the end, after all that new exploration, she was on a sugar crash and exhausted.

The rest of the evening we just hung out and played.

And got a group picture. It was so nice to have it so low key so that I could really focus on Hayden and see her experience every last bit of her Birthday events. We're so happy she is in our family and love her lots and lots!!

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