Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve

Let me just start by saying this Christmas was one of my top 5. I don't know what it was that made it so nice, but it was just fun and relaxed and I was surrounded by wonderful people. I also had some nice conversations with my family on the phone and my missionary brother.

First off, let's discuss Hayden's hair. She has some of THE BEST bedhead known to man or woman. The sweet thing about her hair below is that she hasn't even gone to bed yet. Every Christmas Eve night we open a few presents including PJs so she is opening her new PJ present.

Everyone showing off their FOOTY PJs, though Matt's are not new to him or this blog. His PJs come out from the dark where they belong here and there. Whitters PJs are complete with butt flap as you can see down below. But I LOVE all these cutie putooties in this picture above.


And those pants would be Matt's new "pjs." And no I have no idea what he is doing and what's going through his mind, but he posed, I snapped and the rest is history.

Santa, though it was touch and go for a while, did indeed come to our house this year. Jay, Bon and Whit came to our house Christmas morning to open gifts so we have their presents under our tree too, except for those that Santa brought to their house.

This Hummer was the big gift Santa brought this year. It is still a puzzle on how he fit it in his bag and through the chimney.

"I love Christmas!" Carter decided to sleep in till 9am on Christmas morning so I snapped a few pictures of Hayden while we were waiting on sleepy head to open gifts.

When he woke up, we got a video of him coming down the stairs for the first time:

Now that is one cute present!!

Carter loved opening presents this year. Every year he understands more and more. This year he asked Santa for Legos and when he opened his Legos, he said, "He knew, Santa knew I wanted Legos...because I put them on my list." He was so excited as you can see in the video below. But my very favorite thing that was said this year, was towards the beginning when he saw all the presents left and his stocking loaded with stuff he sighed with relief, "I was almost a bad boy this year."

Dad and Carter playing with his Legos.

Our precious gifts that Carter made us at preschool.

Matt was feeling extra saucy this year I guess.

Merry Christmas Matty.

Merry Christmas Carter!

Merry Christmas Hayden!

Merry Christmas Me!
After present time, then brunch at our house and nap time, we headed over to Nielsen Srs for games, Wii, dinner and fun.

Hayden doing what Hayden loves most:

Whit got a foot massager from her man and Hayden enjoyed getting a little bottom massage. Her face is hilarious in this video:

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I hope you have a fantastic New Year!


Chantel said...

That is a side of Matt I am not sure the world is ready for :) I am glad you guys had a great Christmas!

Kira said...

I TOTALLY got Justin a set of footie PJ's for xmas this year!! They should take them on their next mancation!