Monday, December 27, 2010

Carter's 2010 Christmas Preschool Program

December 20, 2010
Carter had an adorable Christmas Preschool Program this year. Each class was dressed up as one of the participant's of the Nativity Scene. Carter's class was dressed up as the animals. They sang lots of cute songs complete with actions.

We weren't allowed to take any pictures or video (unless in the balcony) so as to not disturb the kids. So afterwards, they all posed for us. It was so cute to see them sing their songs. Carter was definitely the craziest kid. He sang the songs and did the movements, but with his own crazy twist on everything. I was not surprised because that is just the way he is. I got several comments from the parents afterwards at how much groove my son has. He is a lover of music. To be honest I was just relieved to see that he was wearing his costume. But this was a very rewarding day as a parent. I was teary eyed the whole time, watching my beautiful boy performing and looking so cute. I was so proud of him and grateful for all his teachers and the hard work they have put in with these kids.

The whole group.

So I know that they said no video, but I cheated. Their last song was so adorable and I could sneak a video on my camera without people knowing so I did:

Hayden was a good audience member and loved seeing all the kids moving and singing.

The little cradle I thought looked so precious up there all by itself before the program started.

This is the sanctuary of the church where Carter goes to school. It is a pretty building and one of the old buildings in Liberty. Just a block or so away from Liberty Jail.

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Becky said...

I love kid's Christmas programs! It shocks me how much I love them. It's so fun to be a parent! And I love that Carter starts clapping for them at the very end there. too cute!