Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hollywood Connection

It is tradition in my family that the Monday night before a missionary leaves to the Missionary Training Center that we all go to a fun place to play together. This time we went to Hollywood Connection.

These bumper cars were a BIG hit. They were the best bumper cars that I have ever been on. Carter looked so stinkin cute on these big cars, they practically swallowed him up, but he did everything in his might to control that thing and he did a good job.

My family filled up every spot on this bus.

Cute Grandpa helping the granddaughters learn how to putt.

Carter likes to do it with his own style. There is no trying to help that kid.

Syd had quite the mad skills on the mini golf course.

Kyle getting set up.

Kyle's twin Ashlyn.

LITTLE Lilly Bean. She is such a cute, tiny thing. She is about 3 months older than Hayden.

And the whirly balloons....


And more whirly balloon. Hayden loved the rides.

The cool kids balloon: Big Timmay, Lexi (Chris's), Tim's girlfriend Stefanie, and Aubrey (stac's).

Daring Mom's balloon with all the little tykes.

And my balloon, as you can see I was trying to hold in my cookies.

My beautiful niece Emmie.


Kira said...

I can't believe how big Carter is!!!!

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I work for Hollywood Connection and am currently updating their website. I was writing to ask you if you would give me permission to use a few of your photos that you have your blog to put on our site? We would really appreciate it!
Thanks, Elisha