Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hayden Beautiful

Back in November Hayden wore this adorable dress for the first time, so after church we did a little photo shoot. Hayden has such a sweet, endearing personality. She gives such cute smiles.

I like so many other people, think that the eyes are a window to someone's soul. I love that Hayden's eyes dance when she smiles. When she was so sick in the hospital her enormous amount of pain would scream through her eyes. What a blessing it is that I get the opportunity to still look into those beautiful blue eyes and see pure happiness.

She LOVES to climb up to these bars (climbing the stairs is her favorite form of entertainment) and peek through them with someone on the other side and laugh and laugh. There is a video of this at the end of the post.
Woo woo Hayden.

The best time to see Hayden's blue eyes are when the light is shining directly into them.


Kira said...

check out those legs!!

Dan and Jen said...

So stinkin' cute!!!! I do love those chubby little legs. And her eyes really do dance. She is beautiful!

Sarah Keith said...

She is so beautiful and chunky monkey! I miss you Amber so so much. Bethany and I were talking about you and we you are missed. We love you.