Wednesday, December 8, 2010

See Ya on the Flip Side Elder Herzog

Missionaries go into the Missionary Training Center down in Provo, UT on Wednesdays. Tuesday night, Tim was set apart as a missionary by an Extraordinary Priesthood Blessing. The spirit was so strong and amazing. Afterward, he is officially Elder Herzog and will be a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the next two years.

There was lots of hugs and tears knowing that we wouldn't see him in person for the next two years. But overall the feeling was joy, happiness and excitement that he was choosing this honorable path.

Carter and Tim have always had a special relationship.

Yes, that is a soccer ball in Timmy's hands. Anyone who knows him, knows that he wouldn't survive without his soccer ball.

Adios Elder Herzog!!

Now fast forward a couple weeks from those previous pictures. Tim just arrived in GA yesterday. His Mission President, President King, and his wife had all the new missionaries over for dinner and interviews and they took this picture to send to all the families. Elder Herzog is top left. And the fun begins!!


Whit said...

Ohhhhh what fun it is!!

Dan and Jen said...

Good grief... again with the tears while reading this post! I'm blaming pregnancy hormones. (It's definitely not the fact that I have emotional diarrhea even when I'm not prego.) Those are some awesome pics. I may steal this idea for my blog... um, that is if I get around to ever updating again.